Sax, Keyboards, and Vocals

John Zaneski
Pottstown, PA

"When I think of Squeek, I think of the
 sax, because this man can blow that 
horn.  He has a Jr. Walker style that'll 
just give you the chills.  Behind the 
scenes, he's a big asset - Absolutely a 
great guy and a hard worker... 
Gotta love 'em."

Flamin' Dick and the Hot Rods
Who are they?
(All comments by Flamin' Dick )
Guitar and Vocals

Keith Rentschler
Robesonia, PA

"The youngest member of the group, playing rhythm and lead guitar, is lots of fun, a really great guy, and knows how to handle his instrument."

"Flamin' Dick"
Lead Vocals and Guitar
Dick Weatherholtz
Robesonia, PA
"I've been influenced by guitar players like Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry, and Scotty Moore and I've always loved Jerry Lee Lewis' singing style.  And Hey!..., This Flamin' Dick thing is not what you think!" 

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Glenn Paul Balthaser
Lebanon, PA

"Literally, almost ran me over with his van, when I tried to flag him down to discuss forming the band.  His heart & soul bass playing is the back-bone of the group and he's just a great guy ( when he doesn't fall off the stage )."
Jack "Flash" Keller
Drums and Vocals

 Jack Keller
Reading, PA

Jack was the original drummer for Flamin" Dick and the Hot Rods.  We're very excited to have him layin' down the beat for us, again.

Lee Auchenbach

 Lee Auchenbach
Robesonia, PA

Lee has been around the band since the beginning, helping with sound and some vocals.  In 2012, he jumped on stage with us, helping with a lot of his vocal talent.  It's great to have him as an official band member.